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Do not hurt yourself, my darling.
Do not pick up the blade.
Do not reach for the lighter.
Do not wait to be saved.
Do not hurt yourself, dear one,
Please put down the knife,
That you boiled in secret,
In the middle of the night.
Do not hurt yourself, sweetheart.
I know you feel pain.
More hurt and more anguish,
Than your lips can explain.
Do not hurt yourself, sunshine.
In the midst of the storm.
Because you know in the morning,
The world will transform.
Remember, I love you.
You’re important, you see.
There is only one you,
And one day you’ll be free.
You do not have to cut your way,
Out of this hell.
Please keep fighting, keep trying,
And one day, you’ll be well.

Do Not Hurt Yourself by Claudia Boleyn

A message to all those that self harm. xxx

(via claudiaboleyn)

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